Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blow up your school or knock it down????


  1. haha very good video! I love this girl! :D maybe, she wants that our school is destroyed too :) i'm sure haha
    Well, nice to meet you, teacher!!!! and I hope youhave a good holidays!
    Best wishes,
    Macarena :)

  2. Hi teacher! :) i'm cristina and gines too.. hahaha This is a very funny video jajaja maybe some day i'll phone too jajaja

    Well, nice to meet you and i want that you stay in the school, you're a very good teacher !

    Kisses! :D

    Cristina of 4ºC

  3. Dear teacher,
    I am very sad you left, I don´t think it´s fair the only interesting and committed teacher we´ve got is leaving. Thanks for your time, you helped me a lot. I know I need to study more and improved my English, you were the best.

  4. very funny! and great blog, lots of different things to practice English!